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Sacred Space at United: More than Just Flowers

Each week and every worship season, the Sacred Space Team prepares the Sanctuary for worship. This preparation includes the Worship Table, banners, santos and bultos, and other arts-aspects of the Sanctuary to enhance the collective worship service.

The work of the Sacred Space Team is a journey through the year in worship. Each season has its own colors, symbols and significance.

Worship actually begins even before you come through the doors of United. Take a deep breath as you walk across the parking lot, enter the front door of the church, or walk through the Community Room and finally enter the Sanctuary. What do you see, feel, hear and sense?

In the weeks of “Advent,” leading to Christmas, you may see wreaths on the front door and poinsettias in the Community Room. In Lent, a purple banner hangs in the front of the Sanctuary and the room is devoid of flowers. As we move toward Good Friday, you may even experience the starkness of tumbleweeds and iron candlesticks on the worship table.

But whatever season, however the Sanctuary is adorned, it has been planned and accomplished with love and respect, so that when we enter we can experience the fullness of Sacred Space and be in a place of worship. The Liturgical Year is a journey, and one that each person experiences differently. The sacred space of the Sanctuary offers an opportunity to take in the special meaning of that journey.

Each member of the Sacred Space Team experiences this journey and takes joy in preparing the Sanctuary for all who come. We invite you to become involved! And remember, “it is more than just the flowers.”

Sacred Space Team: Donna Clark, Cindy Knox, Nyla Rasmussen, Dana Hollifield, Christy Jones.

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