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A Church of Music
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Music is an integral part of our weekly worship. Each week a variety of music is offered at the 10:00am livestreamed service.


Scroll to down to hear Music at Untied!.

Music This Month

     It’s been a busy spring, but summer follows right behind. So now we’re hard at work scheduling special music in June, July, and August.

     Plans are as yet pretty fluid but one thing I’m delighted to report is, after a hiatus of three years, we’ll again welcome Santa Fe Opera Apprentices to our Sunday morning worship! They weren’t allowed off campus last year, lest they bring Covid-19 back to the ensemble, but this summer they again have permission to participate in things off the opera grounds. One change is we won’t have them every week but, rather, once a month. By not having opera arias every Sunday we’ll enjoy a more varied palette of musical offerings.

     I’m also planning our usual three Drop-in choirs throughout the summer. The first date is June 18, Father’s Day. That day we’ll sing a piece for men’s chorus, so the women of the choir can sit back and enjoy our wonderful men’s section. And any men of the congregation who don’t normally sing with us—or any male visitors that morning—are welcome to come rehearse at 9:00 am, learn the anthem, and join in the singing at 10:00.

     July and August dates are tentative right now, so I won’t announce them yet. But I’ve also reached out to the many musical members of the congregation to ask for their involvement in summer music. We have such a musical community, it’s an embarrassment of riches!


See you in church,

Director of Music

Brad Ellingboe

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As People of faith, we’re called to “make a joyful noise,” and we try our best to do just that at United. Reach out to our music staff, and join in!

If you play an instrument, whatever your age, then please let Music Director Brad Ellingboe know ( Music at United is played not only on the Steinway Piano in the Sanctuary, but also on drums, violins, guitars, trumpets, and lots of other instruments, too.