A Church of Music
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Music is an integral part of our weekly worship. Each week a variety of music is offered in the virtual service and at the

in-person Sunday Service.  

Choir This Month

     By the time you read this, Jacquie Helin will have been gone for about 10 weeks. Since that time, we’ve welcomed Dr. Jessie Lo as our new pianist, and she’s fit in seamlessly.
     Also, since then, the choir finished its “spring season” with a wonderful Pentecost service featuring Rev. Dr. Melanie Harris and the Andy Kingston trio. And now we’re into the summer schedule of Drop-In Choirs. The next one takes place Sunday, July 17, and you’re all welcome to join us as we sing one of our favorites, “Hear My Prayer” by Moses Hogan. Rehearsal is at 9:00 am in the sanctuary and we sing for the 10 o’clock service.
     It was our intention this summer to invite Opera Apprentices to provide special music, as they have in the past. However, with Covid-19 still an ongoing issue, the Santa Fe Opera made the decision to limit the apprentices’ outside contact. Thus, they’re unavailable to join us this year.
     However, the good news is we have a wealth of talent available to us! Not only our new pianist, Jessie, but also her husband Jesse (yes, that’s right, Jessie is married to Jesse!) is a professional guitarist. Moreover, we have many fine musicians within our congregation, as well as our Choral Scholars. So this summer we are staying “in house” for our special music. It is truly 
remarkable—and I think you know this—that a congregation of this size has so many musical resources.

     Years ago, a nationally respected church musician told me, “Music in the church will only ever be as good as the Senior Minister wants it to be.” It’s a pleasure to work at a place where the Senior Minister—and the congregation—wants fine music to be an integral part of weekly worship.

Director of Choirs

Brad Ellingboe

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As People of faith, we’re called to “make a joyful noise,” and we try our best to do just that at United. Reach out to our music staff, and join in!

If you play an instrument, whatever your age, then please let Music Director Jacquelyn Helin know ( Music at United is played not only on the Steinway Piano in the Sanctuary, but also on drums, violins, guitars, trumpets, and lots of other instruments, too.

Future Events
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