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Global Relief

The United Church of Santa Fe partners with a number of organizations, local and global, to provide relief to those in need. Our contributions help displaced immigrants and refugees, help create long-term solutions in communities to fight hunger and poverty.

42nd Birthday Raises $5,298 for Fire Relief

Thanks to the generosity of United members and friends, near and far, over $5,000 was raised to celebrate United’s 42nd Birthday for Fire Relief (to be added to the $3,000 already given from United’s reserves). In addition, 20 bags of food, water, and hygiene supplies were donated to the Food Depot for those who lost homes and livelihoods. Thank you!

Church World Service

Church World Service has one goal: "building a world where there is enough for all." We partner with CWS to fight hunger and poverty, displacement due to climate and violence, and to provide disaster relief. You can donate directly to CWS through our donation portal by clicking below.

To learn more about CWS, visit there website here: Home - CWS (

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