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Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry in March 
Sunday Mornings during 10:00am Worship

(Gail Ansheles, Maria Navarette, Caleb Omolo)
Children's Ministry Chair Karen Wilbanks

United’s children go exploring this Lent as they look for God and God’s love and life in all kinds of places— outdoors, indoors, other people, and their own lives. Each Sunday, they start worship with the adults and older youth and then go to Children’s Ministry. They learn about Jesus by doing what Jesus did—loving this earth, caring for the lonely and sick, welcoming others. All welcome—and bring friends!

Love God, Neighbor, and Creation!

Where do you see God... In Creation?
Sunday, March 5
10:00am Service

Jesus saw God in the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. The children go outside to find their signs of God’s love in creation. They’ll share what they find when they return for Communion.

Where do you see God.. in All God's Children?
Sunday, March 12
10:00am Service

In Mark 10:13-16, the disciples want to keep the children from Jesus. Instead he draws them close and blesses them. The children’s collages will remind us of God’s love for “All God’s Children.”

Where do you see God... in Signs of New Life?
Sunday,March 19
10:00am Service

We’ll go outside again to see what signs of new life we can find!

Where do you see God.. in Beauty All Around?
Sunday, March 26
10:00am Service

The children help the church get ready for Easter by potting pansies for all around the church.

Where do you see God.. in the Bread and Cup?
Sunday, March 26
10:00am Service

The children share in the Palm Sunday Processional and then learn what happened afterward—and how God was present in the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples.

Happenings in Children's Ministry

Friday Family Supper Bags
 March 31

Each month United provides “Supper Bags” for the hard-working parents and families of United. Each bag includes an entrée, salad mix, fruit, and dessert. Let us know if you like one! (And if you’d like to help by cooking or shopping, let us know that, too!)

Where Did You See you?
Family Lenten Packets and Spring Break Children's Booklet

In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of “The Last Judgment,” where people ask “when did we see you hungry, sick, imprisoned or lonely?” Jesus answers that when you cared for “the least of these you cared for me.” While United’s families are on spring break, they’ll have Lent Packets (thanks to Gail Ansheles) to help them continue the journey to new life and also a Children’s booklet to record (either with writing or pictures) where or how they’ve seen God in people helping other people. If you’d like one, please let us know!

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