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Congregational Care

Your Care Team serves the United Church congregation in several ways. We visit those who are hospitalized or homebound, and help provide food is provided for those with short term needs due to illness, hospitalizations or other issues. Care Team members send notes of condolence, healing, encouragement, joy and support in times of loss, transition, or blessings. Finally, each month a Care Team member serves “On Call” as back up contact for our pastors, particularly when both are away or unavailable.

Throughout the year, the Congregational Care Team also hosts Pastoral Care Gatherings such as “When the Holidays are Different,” “Moving through Grief,” or “The Role of the Church in Mental Health.”

Team members are John Shaffer (chair), Janyth Fell, Ferol Fell, Paul Vogel, Rev. Dusty Pruitt, Diana Smith, Dave Wilkison, and June Yoder. Staff support is offered by Senior Minister Rev. Talitha Arnold. The team meets 9-10 times a year to review parish needs and concerns. It is a dedicated, active group that is truly blessed to contribute to the life of our church. For more information, please call the church office (505-988-3295) or Chair John Shaffer (505-466-4372).

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