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& Poverty

United Church of Santa Fe is committed to giving back to the community. In pre-pandemic times, members would regularly volunteer at the shelters and help to provide weekly meals for persons who are homeless. We have since shifted how we are involved, but there are still numerous opportunities to help and be involved in the community. 

United's Shelter Lunches and Dinners for Persons who are homeless and Support Santa Fe Businesses!

United provides full meals (entrée, veggie casserole, salad, dessert) each month to Santa Fe Shelters. There are numerous volunteer opportunities. Below are specific ones for June. Interested(email: You can also support this ministry financially with check or online donations (memo: shelter meals). Thank you!

Specific volunteer opportunities for June:

  • Feb 16 (Friday, 9:30 am) – Chop and grate

  • Feb 19 (Monday) – Deliver Food to Shelters

  • Volunteers are needed to make meat loaf. 

November & December Drives

A sincere thank you, to all who supported our recent outreach efforts. We collected over 140 pairs of winter socks to keep the feet of Santa Fe’s homeless warm. In addition, 118 calendars and 370 greeting cards were donated to our prison outreach.

Supporting our Diné/Navajo Brothers and Sisters

The Navajo Nation of northern New Mexico and Arizona has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The systemic issues of poverty, lack of clean water, and inadequate health care impact the rising number of cases and death. The United Church of Santa Fe has a decades-long relationship with the people of the Diné/Navajo Nation. Mary Hasbah Roessel grew up in Round Rock, and her brother, Monty Roessel, is the President of Diné College. Our former Office Administrator Ella Natonabah Jones grew up in Fort Defiance, along with her older sister Helen, mother of United’s Nurture Center teacher Carrie McCabe. For a number of years, United has had youth and adult service trips to the Good Shepherd Mission in Fort Defiance. Because of this connection, United’s Outreach Team invites your donations to help support Good Shepherd’s relief work with families and elders throughout the area. All financial donations to United for “Diné Support” will be sent directly to Good Shepherd and used to provide food and cleaning supplies. Thank you!

Get Involved!

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