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Our Christian Faith is 2,000 years old. Our thinking isn't. We're part of a Christian tradition - the United Church of Christ - which believes that "God is still speaking." No matter our age, there's always more to learn, explore and understand. 

A Few Historical Facts

  • The United Church of Santa Fe started in 1979 as part of the United Church of Christ.

  • From a group of 30, we have grown to over 400 members and friends, adults, children and youth.

  • The founding members met at the El Gancho Restaurant, going through the bar to get to church!

  • Our current church building has been built in stages, with a strong commitment to Northern New Mexico and care for this high desert land. 

  • Since the beginning, we've been committed to children and youth, reaching out to the wider community and engaging the faith in a lively and inclusive way.


Our Legacy

The United Church of Christ has its roots in the Protestant Reformation and other religious movements, that emphasized freedom of belief, commitment to community and care for God's world. Some examples - the United Church of Christ...

  • Founded more than 200 colleges and universities in the United States (including Yale, Harvard, Oberlin, Howard and Fisk).

  • Led the Abolitionist movement in the 1800's and was a leader in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's.

  • Was the first Christian church to ordain women (1853) and the first to ordain and open gay person (1972)

For more about the United Church of Christ, please visit their official website:

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