Welcome to United Church of Santa Fe


I say to you, seek God and discover God and make God a power in your life.
With God, we are able to rise from the fatigue of despair to the buoyancy of hope. . .
to rise from the midnight of desperation to the daybreak of joy.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


All group events at United are cancelled (Lenten classes, study groups, choir rehearsal, etc.) until further notice.  Sunday worship may be virtual, held outdoors, or in some other form that helps us stay connected to one another and to God — and also keeps everyone as safe as possible. In the meantime, know God loves you and this whole world — and so do we! Blessings from the United Church.


Hope, joy and faith. That’s what we seek to offer. Here’s what we believe:

  • God calls each of us into a relationship with God.
  • Faith is a journey, best taken as a community.
  • God loves all people (no exceptions).
  • Following in Jesus’ way leads us to care for others and for all creation.

We invite you to explore this faith and life with us!

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