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Youth Ministry in March 
Sunday Mornings during 10:00am Worship

Kate Murphy, Director of Youth Ministries

Young Adventurers (5th-7th)
Start in the 10:00 Sunday Worship, then go to Young Adventurers.

Youth Initiates (8th-10th)
Join in Worship, then gather at 11;15.

JAS (Juniors and Seniors)
Monthly for Special Events

Love God, Neighbor, and Creation!

Happenings in Youth Ministry

Friday Fun Night: March Movie Madness!
March 24, 6:30-8:30
The Chronicles of Narnia
(and snacks, of course)

 Young Adventurers, Initiates, JAS, Mentors, and parents all invited to join in. We’ll have a short discussion afterward.

Friday Family Supper Bags
 March 31

Each month United provides “Supper Bags” for the hard-working parents and families of United. Each bag includes an entrée, salad mix, fruit, and dessert. Let us know if you like one! (And if you’d like to help by cooking or shopping, let us know that, too!)

Young Adventurers 

Sunday, March 5
Parable of the Growing Seed: 

We read the parable and talk about taking risks.

Sunday, March 12
The world coming alive again: We talk about the world coming alive again:

We talk about the world coming alive again and compare the Rising of Lazarus to how London cared for the River Thames and brought it back to life.


Sunday, March 19
Stewards of God's earth:

If the weather allows, we’ll be stewards of God’s earth and tidy up the church grounds.

Sunday, March 26
Jesus Trial:
We explore what it means to feel judged and then read about Jesus’s trial.

Youth Initiates

Sunday, March 5
The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection:
We look at art images and Seamus Heaney’s poem “St. Kevin and the Blackbird” to gain an understanding of how the mind/body/ spirit work in tandem.

Sunday, March 12
How Other Religions Mentor youth: 
We’ll watch clips from a variety of religious rites as youth become adults..

Sunday, March 19
Please participate in 10:00 worship:  
Please participate in 10:00 worship. No Initiate Meeting.

Sunday, March 26
Trials and Tribulations:  
We read the texts involving Jesus’s Trial and discuss what it means to scapegoat.

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