Coming together for worship at United is like finding water in a dry and thirsty land. That’s why we do so, not only on Sunday mornings but midweek, too!

Like a stream in the desert, worship can refresh and renew us. Each week it offers us God’s new life and hope, for ourselves and for this world. At United, worship is the center of our life together, from which everything else flows: outreach, education, care, among others.

Whether on Sunday mornings, midweek, or other times, worship at United offers that new life in different ways. Sometimes – especially in the Sunday 8:30 AM service and the midweek contemplative services – worship is like the deep, still waters that God promises in the 23rd Psalm. In the later Sunday service, worship can be like a living stream, offering life in all kinds of ways. Similarly, like on Mardi Gras and Fiesta Sundays, worship is a river, full of life and surprises.

At United, we believe all of us – regardless of age – need the living waters of worship. That’s why children and younger youth join in the first part of the late service each Sunday and why Children’s Ministry always begins with prayer and song. It’s also why we offer a number of “intergenerational” services for all ages throughout the year.

We hope you’ll join us in worship at United. Together may we be renewed by the waters of life God offers us each week.

Worship in January
New Light for a New Year

     “Epiphany”—the season after Christmas—comes from a word that means “Light.” Epiphanies are those times when the light comes on and we see something or someone in a new way. According to Matthew’s Gospel, when the Wise Ones wised up and let themselves be led by God’s Light, it guided them away from King Herod’s glitter and gold to a stable in Bethlehem. And once they had seen the Light, they chose to “go home by another way”—i.e., not go back by way of Herod but to strike out in a new direction.

     How might the light come on for us? In this season of continued uncertainty, may we learn from their journey and that of others who also tried to follow the Light, even if sometimes they lost their way. Epiphany worship is a good way to begin the New Year. Plan to join in—and bring a friend (or share the virtual service :-).


Worship This Month

A Miraculous Vision of Fish

January 30


Multitudes of fish that the fisherman can’t see. An image of one’s self that blocks a vision of grace. A new way of looking at life and at God. It’s all in the story often called “The Miraculous Catch of Fish” (Luke 5:1-11), where Simon and the other fishermen catch a glimpse of what their lives could be if they caught Jesus’ vision for them.