Coming together for worship at United is like finding water in a dry and thirsty land. That’s why we do so, not only on Sunday mornings but midweek, too!

Like a stream in the desert, worship can refresh and renew us. Each week it offers us God’s new life and hope, for ourselves and for this world. At United, worship is the center of our life together, from which everything else flows: outreach, education, care, among others.

Whether on Sunday mornings, midweek, or other times, worship at United offers that new life in different ways. Sometimes – especially in the Sunday 8:30 AM service and the midweek contemplative services – worship is like the deep, still waters that God promises in the 23rd Psalm. In the later Sunday service, worship can be like a living stream, offering life in all kinds of ways. Similarly, like on Mardi Gras and Fiesta Sundays, worship is a river, full of life and surprises.

At United, we believe all of us – regardless of age – need the living waters of worship. That’s why children and younger youth join in the first part of the late service each Sunday and why Children’s Ministry always begins with prayer and song. It’s also why we offer a number of “intergenerational” services for all ages throughout the year.

We hope you’ll join us in worship at United. Together may we be renewed by the waters of life God offers us each week.

For All that Has Been- Thanks!
For All that Will Be- Yes!
Worship in Eastertide

“For all that has been—thanks! For all that will be—Yes!” This quote from Dag Hammarskjold describes worship with United during the 50 days of Easter&de. We look back to give thanks for so many gi*s of life and hope God has given us, and we look ahead with faith in God’s future.

Worship This Month

The Ones We Remember


May 29

Lots of different people became part of the United Church of Philippi—a rich merchant woman, a formerly enslaved girl, a prison guard and his family. Together they created a faith community that lasted for centuries, strengthening the faith of Paul and all who came after him. Who has helped us on our journeys of life and faith? How do we remember them?


A Cool Blue Pentecost

June 5


In the traditional story of the first Pentecost from the Acts of the Apostles, God’s Spirit appears as a mighty wind and tongues of fire. Given what’s happening in New Mexico right now, our Pentecost focuses on other manifestations of God’s Spirit throughout the Bible: the Spirit that is with us wherever we go (Psalm 139); the cleansing waters of Baptism (be it Jesus’ or the Ethiopian Eunuch’s); the descending of the dove over those waters. Join in this “Cool Blue Pentecost!”