What Goes Into a Wedding?

We’re glad for your interest in scheduling your wedding through the United Church of Santa Fe! This webpage and its attachments contain information about weddings in general, and also things like the wedding service, fee schedules, etc.

The United Church has been a strong supporter of marriage equality for decades. We celebrate that, in the state of New Mexico, marriage is legal for all adults, and we look forward to celebrating and offering the church’s blessing to the covenant you are making.

To help get you started thinking about the service – some thoughts on what makes up a wedding…

Technically, the only thing that “has” to happen (from a legal standpoint) in a wedding is for two people of consenting age to promise something to each other in the presence of an official person and two witnesses. But from the perspective of a community of faith, a wedding is a worship service, and has the elements of worship in general. The prime element is our covenant with God. Whenever people come together for worship – be it on Sunday morning or for a baptism or wedding or a funeral – we do so in the context of that covenant. We gather – both in times of joy and new life, and in times of sorrow and loss – to remember that God is present in all times. Even if our human covenants change or end, God’s covenant is everlasting, and it is that covenant with God that makes our human covenants possible.

So what does all this have to do with a wedding service? Basically, the covenant you make in your vows – and the covenant your family and friends make with you as couple – is made in the context of God’s covenant with you, individually and as a couple. Put another way, our love for each other – your love as a couple – is rooted in the truth of God’s love for each of you and both of you. The worship service reminds us of that truth, and asks for God’s blessing of hope and strength for the covenant you make with each other.

Wedding Service Information

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