Worship – May 16 – 7th Sunday of Easter – What Have You to Do with Us?

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Sunday

“What have you to do with us?” a man with a mental illness cried to Jesus. (Mark 5:1-20) Quite a bit, actually. The stories of Jesus’ healing persons with mental health issues outnumber all other healing stories in the Gospels. The story raises other questions to consider on this Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Sunday. Why did the man have to live in the tombs, outside a city? (In our time, where can a person with mental illness find shelter?) Why did the townspeople want Jesus to leave their town? (Would we have the same response?)

The worship service video will be available on Sunday May 16 by 7:00AM (MDT)

Click HERE to register for the outside service or contact the office unitedchurchsf@gmail.com to reserve your spot. All COVID-19 safe protocols will be followed with masks and social distancing. We look forward to seeing you!

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