Back to School

Children & Youth This 

Young Adventurers Start(6th/7th)
Wondering and Shaping

Gather Sunday mornings during 10:00 worship to explore faith and help others and once a month for just plain fun (movie night, bowling, hikes, etc. )

Youth Initiates (8th-10th)
Seeking and Questioning

The Initiates share in 10:00 worship and then meet at 11:15 to build a community through trust, truth, respect, and kindness. They’ll learn that it’s safe to ask questions, express doubt, and begin to define beliefs about faith as it relates to the world. And have fun in a host of ways!

JAS-Juniors & Seniors (11th-12th)
Purpose and Integrity

Creating community. Created in God’s image. Created with courage and compassion. United’s Juniors and Seniors gather Sunday evenings (6:30 to 8:00) and for monthly service projects, fun nights, etc. etc. etc.

Contact Kate, the new Youth Director ( for more information.  Hope you can join us!

Love God, Neighbor, and Creation!

Supper for our neighbors who are unhoused. Hygiene and Baby Kits for our neighbors in Ukraine and Puerto Rico. Cards for our neighbors at the Mexico/U.S. border. Bringing our family’s food waste to compost. Each Sunday, United’s children (through 5th grade) learn new ways to “love God, Neighbor, and Creation.” They start worship with the adults and older youth and then go to Children’s Ministry for different hands-on projects to care for others. They learn about Jesus by doing what Jesus did—care for the sick, reach out to the lonely, welcome the stranger, and love this earth. All welcome—and bring friends!

Friday Family Supper bags
October 21

Drop-by Halloween Trick or Treat Outdoors at the Church
Saturday October 29 4:00-6:00