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This Spring

Sunday Morning Children's Ministry Through May

We’ll explore stories of the new life Jesus’ disciples and the women experienced. We’ll also offer new life to others with Kits for Ukraine and caring for God’s creation. Join in! And bring a friend!

Upcoming Children & Youth

Simple Family Suppers
May 20

United provides a monthly take-home supper to give hard-working parents a break and feed the bodies and souls of both kids and parents. If you’d like to help by cooking or shopping, please contact Karen Wilbanks

Coming of Age in Corona-time 

How or where have you experienced God’s presence in the past two years? How have you been able to share something of God’s love—or beauty or hope— with others? Our six Youth Initiates explore these questions with their Mentors between now and their “Rite of Initiation to Adulthood” (Sunday, May 15).

Young Adventurers Start
Friday Night Live!

Our Middle School youth have had an equally odd and challenging start to adolescence. This spring, we’re connecting by simply having fun and being together for activities like bowling, pizza, movies, etc.—probably on a Friday night. Let us know if your Youth wants to join in! Thanks!