Composer Libby Larsen and Rev. Talitha Arnold share a dialogue sermon at United.

Summer Festival Choir

As we head into the summer, we look forward to beginning some in-person singing. This is great news! Rehearsals will first be live-streamed before moving into in-person outdoor rehearsals. For more information contact

All other choir rehearsals are hoping to resume in the fall! 

Classical and contemporary. Global and Gospel. African-American Spirituals and Spanish carols. If it’s music, we sing it, play it, and enjoy it at United!

Music is central to our life together, not only in worship but at the end of council meetings, the beginning of Family and Friends Nights, mission trips, and any other time, too.

  • We sing in English and other languages – to remind ourselves that God is multi-lingual.
  • We sing traditional hymns and modern music, because God’s love and hope spans the generations.
  • We sing a lot – because, in the words of Augustine, “they who sing pray twice.”
  • And in the words of one of our kids, “It’s fun!”

You’re invited to join in one of our three choirs – just click on these links to find out more information:
Early Morning Choir
Sanctuary Choir
Children’s & Youth Choir

If you play an instrument, whatever your age, then please let Music Director Jacquelyn Helin know ( Music at United is played not only on the Steinway Piano in the Sanctuary, but also on drums, violins, guitars, trumpets, and lots of other instruments, too.

Bradley Ellingboe Director of Choir

Jacquelyn Helin, D.M.A. Music Director


As People of faith, we’re called to “make a joyful noise,” and we try our best to do just that at United. Reach out to our music staff, and join in!




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