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 Support Our Faith in the Future Appeal!

While we are “United (apart)”, the Church Council and United leadership continue their work to keep the church financially sound. This past March, the Church Council voted to pay off the last three years of the church mortgage using non-operating-budget funds. This allowed us to take advantage of significant savings in the annual budget.

Even with these savings, we anticipate a shortfall in operating funds over the next 18 months due to reduced pledge and non-pledge (offering plate) income. Without in-person
services and with the difficult economic situation, this reduced income will likely continue. In addition, expenses have increased with video-taping worship services and expanded weekday janitorial services. We also need to hire staff for children/youth and administrative duties to keep our church functioning and keep our children, youth, and families engaged as we enter the fall.

On August 10 we began our Faith in the Future Appeal. The Victory goal is $75,000 (and the Challenge Goal is $100,000) to fill the gap in operating funds we anticipate through 2020 and into the new year. To date, we have received $30,300, with another $16,000 in pledges. Together we can raise this $75,000 so United worship services, youth and adult education, virtual programs, and outreach engagements may continue for our faith community and those around us.

We hope you’ll join in! All gifts, large or small, are important as together we build our “Faith in the Future!” For more information contact Bob Ansheles, Moderator or Pam Hyde, Stewardship & Finance Ministry Team Chair. Thank you!


Supporting Our Diné/Navajo Brothers and Sisters

The Navajo Nation of northern New Mexico and Arizona has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The systemic issues of poverty, lack of clean water, and inadequate health care impact the rising number of cases and death. The United Church of Santa Fe has a decades-long relationship with the people of the Diné/Navajo Nation. Mary Hasbah Roessel grew up in Round Rock, and her brother, Monty Roessel, is the President of Diné College. Our former Office Administrator Ella Natonabah Jones grew up in Fort Defiance, along with her older sister Helen, mother of United’s Nurture Center teacher Carrie McCabe. For a number of years, United has had youth and adult service trips to the Good Shepherd Mission in Fort Defiance. Because of this connection, United’s Outreach Team invites your donations to help support Good Shepherd’s relief work with families and elders throughout the area. All financial donations to United for “Diné Support” will be sent directly to Good Shepherd and used to provide food and cleaning supplies. Thank you!


United’s Shelter Dinners Feed Persons Who Are Homeless
and Support Santa Fe Businesses!
You Can Help!

As “shelter in place” directives developed in mid-March, United Church also increased our commitment to Santa Fe’s Shelters for persons who are homeless. Since it’s not feasible (or safe) to provide food from our individual kitchens, we have contracted with “Felipe’s Tacos” to provide twice-weekly lunches for 100+ Interfaith Shelter guests. We are also continuing our monthly dinners for St. Elizabeth and Casa Familia (30+ guests for each).

We invite you to join this effort by contributing financially to United’s “Shelter Meals” outreach ministry. The 100+ lunches for the Interfaith Shelter cost about $650 each Monday and Thursday. The 30+ dinners for St. Elizabeth and Casa Familia each cost about $250/month. (We supply the side dish, dessert, and salad from a local grocery store and partner with a local restaurant to provide the entrée.)

To donate, please send a check to The United Church of Santa Fe, 1804 Arroyo Chamiso, Santa Fe, NM 87505 (memo: “Shelter Dinners”) or click the “give now” button and enter your amount of donation in the “Shelter Dinners” box.

Thanks to the generosity of United members and friends and members of the Santa Fe community, we raised $3,540 in April to help feed the homeless during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Casa Familia Family Shelter Dinner
First Wednesday of the month

St. Elizabeth Dinner
Third Tuesday of the month 

Interfaith Shelter Lunches
Mondays and Thursdays


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