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This Fall

God Loves You 
and So Does
Your Church

That’s the main message we want to give our children, youth, and parents this fall. Given the pandemic surge, the delta variant and the fact that kids under 12 can’t get vaccinated yet, planning for Children’s and Youth Ministries is a bit challenging. But one thing remains certain – we want our kids (and their parents) to know that their church community cares for them. We’re doing that in some special ways....

Upcoming Children & Youth

Simple Family Suppers

Once a month, United would like to provide a simple, possibly home-made, take-home supper for United families. That gives hard-working, juggling-everything parents a break and feeds the bodies and souls of both kids and parents. If you’d like to help by cooking or shopping, please let Talitha Arnold know.

Coming of Age in Corona-time 

We had planned the Rite of Initiation for our nine Youth Initiates for last May. Those plans had to change. We then planned it for this November. Those plans had to change. But we’re determined one way or another to mark their rite of passage into adult life and adult faith – so stay tuned!