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Welcome to
 United Church
Santa Fe

Our Services

Weekly Worship

Join us for in-person Sunday service each week. We offer a Contemplative Communion at 8:30am and Worship in Sanctuary with Choir at 10:00am. Masks are optional for the indoor services. 

Upcoming Worship

Virtual Worship

Join us virtually for the 10:00am Sanctuary Service livestreamed from the sanctuary!  

To access a service bulletin,

click below. 

"Whoever you are, wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!"

Pride Flag

United's Outreach Giving Totals $83,451 in 2023!

     United Church members and friends, in Santa Fe and across the country, gave over $83,000 this past year to “love God by loving our neighbor and God’s creation.”      Over $13,300 went to the United Church of Christ, regionally and nationally, as well as to special offerings (One Great Hour of Sharing, Christmas Fund) and local congregations in need.

     The remainder went to both local and international partners to provide support and supplies for Ukrainian refugees, Afghan resettlement, Navajo/Diné relief, regular meals for guests of Santa Fe shelters, gift cards for public schools families in need, legal aid for immigrants, comfort backpacks for kids in crisis, books and social workers for public school kids, carbon offset for climate advocacy, support for composting, Maui fire relief, hurricane and other climate catastrophe relief, and financial assistance for members and friends facing medical or other emergency needs.

     In addition, United’s outreach efforts are supported by extensive staff and volunteer involvement. A detailed report of outreach giving will be provided in the Feb. 18 Congregational Budget meeting.

     Thank you all, near and far, who made such generosity possible! And who will continue it into the future as we are called to “Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Creation.”

     There are many ways to give and help those in need. Click below to explore opportunities through United's Outreach Programs.

At A Glance

May 28
Youth Border Trip Begins!

June 3
Nuclear Disarmament Group
Santa Maria de la Paz


June 6
Resiliency and Hope: The Gospel of Mark
8:00am Zoom

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