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Family Ties, Visions and Dreams, “Fathers in the Faith”
Mental Health and a Double Portion of God’s Spirit!


June 16 – Like a Father to Him
Fathers Day

Timothy was like a son to the Apostle Paul, and Paul took his fathering role very seriously. (Philippians 2:1-24) In his letters to the early Christian churches, Paul refers to the young man as “beloved and faithful child in the Lord,” his “co-worker” and “helper.” For Paul, Timothy is a fellow servant in the Lord. He urges him to be faithful in prayer and thanksgivings, avoid “profane chatter” and false knowledge. We all need such “fathers in the faith.” Who have been those people for you? Three men from our congregation share stories of their “fathers in the faith.”

June 23 – Faith and Mental Health 101: “What Have You to Do with Us?”
(Start summer schedule: 8:30 Outdoor service; 10:00 Sanctuary Worship)

The scripture lessons from the Hebrew Bible and Christian Gospel for this Sunday both address the issue of mental illness and despair. In I Kings 19:1-6, the prophet Elijah is on the run from the wicked King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Alone and deep into the wilderness, he asks God to take his life. God instead gives him food, water, and support from young Elisha. All good mental health practices. In Luke’s Gospel (8:26-39), Jesus is confronted by a man possessed with a “legion of demons” (1st c. description of mental illness). He responds with compassion and healing, then commissions him for new work. Also good mental health practices. Who would have thought such an ancient book as the Bible would offer such contemporary wisdom?

June 30 – A Double Share of Your Spirit

“What do you want from me?” the old prophet Elijah asks as he is preparing to die and leave his young apprentice Elisha behind. (II Kings 2:1-14) “A double portion of your spirit,” the young man answers. It’s a great story for the Sunday of the Annual Meeting of the Congregation, as we give thanks for the past year and look to the future!


Sunday services are held at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM (10:00 AM beginning June 23).  Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday at 8:30 and the first Sunday of the month at the second service, 11:00 AM (10:00 AM beginning June 23)


Summer Worship Schedule (begins Sunday, June 23)
8:30 AM – Outdoor Communion
10:00 AM – Sanctuary Worship (with Santa Fe Opera Apprentice June 30 – August 25)
11:15 AM – Adult Forum

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