Community Outreach & Creation Care

"Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Creation."

Summer Food Drive Continues in August
  We are collecting food (canned goods and snacks) for St. Elizabeth Shelter, Esperanza, and the Youth Shelters. Please look for the donation boxes in the Community Room. Also, you can donate online or by check. Please write "Food Drive" in the memo line. Questions? Contact Brandon (988-3295).

Tuesday, August 5, 10:00 am - Noon

  We meet the first Tuesday of the month at United to crochet and knit items for Outreach (Teen Families, Esperanza, Hospice, etc.). New members and everyone welcome! Refreshments served. Questions? Contact Mary Noonan (986-8809).

St. Elizabeth Shelter
Tuesday, August 19 at 5:30 pm

  This month's dinner at St. Elizabeth Shelter is Tuesday, August 19 at 5:30 pm. We are always in need of extra hands (and food)! If you are interested in helping please sign-up in the Community Room or contact Brandon (988-3295).

OUTREACH GIVING in 2014 (so far)

Since January, the United Church has made these grants, donations, or programmatic commitments for various outreach ministries:

Global/National Ministries of the United Church of Christ:
• Per Capita support for Southwest Conf 2,790
• One Great Hour of Sharing 2,930

Local/Regional Outreach Ministries:
• United We Run 2,140
  Esperanza, St. E's, and Youth Shelters
• Navajo Nation Mission Trip 3,170
• Sapling Distribution 133
• Faith and the Environment Conference 2,258

TOTAL 13,421

Desert Faith Team

  Assuming we have completed all requirements, the GreenFaith 2-year Certification Program draws to an official close at the end of June. That, however, is deceptive, since we have not completed work in our priority areas of Water in a Drier Southwest, Energy and a Cleaner Environment, and Food and Transportation issues (Southside Santa Fe). This means the Desert Faith Team, before it disbands itself, will organize this next phase of United's vital ministry, probably carried out with task forces or standing committees assigned specific issues.  Thus we finish the GreenFaith program with a call to all members and friends of United who want to be involved in the next phases of creation care in these priority areas. If you want to be included, please write or call Larry Rasmussen:; 505 231-0993.


United also advocates for human rights for GLBT persons and immigrants, the environment and other concerns.

Many members serve on nonprofit boards including our Senior Minister, Talitha Arnold, who currently serves on the Bioethics Committee for St. Vincent’s Hospital, the Alumni Board of Yale Divinity School, and the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. She was a founding member of the city Children’s and Youth Commission, President of Habitat for Humanity, and the Ministerial Alliance. Associate Minister Brandon Johnson serves on the Salazar Partnership Board and the Interfaith Leadership Alliance.

“... but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?”
Micah 6:8