In All Our Living: Incorporating Our Personal Values to Make Health Care Decisions (including end-of-life)

“In All Our Living” is a four-week class exploring health care decisions (including end-of-life). Led by Nurse Ethicist Caroline Burnett, RN, Sc.D. at United. The class, offered in the fall of 2019, may be offered again in the spring of 2020.  Please check the post for updates.

Led by Nurse Ethicist Caroline Burnett, RN, Sc.D. at United Church of Santa Fe
Registration closed.

You may bring a bag lunch/dinner.

Weekly Syllabus:
In All Our Living – Week 1
In All Our Living – Week 2
In All Our Living – Week 3
In All Our Living – Week 4

Some writings to reflect on:
Why I Hope to Die at 75 by Ezekiel J. Emanuel: Why I Hope to Die at 75 – The Atlantic
Preparing for a Good End of Life by Katy Butler: Preparing for a Good End of Life – WSJ
“When Death Comes” by Mary Oliver: Mary Oliver When Death Comes
“I have only just a minute.” by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Advance Care Planning: Help for Making Care Decisions Now and for the Future by Mary Lynne Knighten: Care Notes – Advance Care Planning
Values History (UNM)
BiFocal: A Journal of the ABA Commission on Law and Again – 10 Myths
Making Health Care Decisions Fact Sheet
Advance Directives: Why Do We Need Them?
How to Talk to Your Doctor
Nursing and Advance Care Planning – Burnett/Wolff
Effectiveness of strategies for informing, educating, and involving patients
Facts Sheet about MAID
Summary of States with “Death with Dignity” Act
Oregon Death with Dignity Act
Annals of Internal Medicine: “Ethics and the Legalization of Physician-assisted Suicide”
Albuquerque Journal Editorial: “A legacy of service, a reminder of NM’s aid-in-dying failure”
The National Academies Press: “Dying in America”
American Hospital Association: Patient Care Partnership

CHRISTUS St. Vincent form: “My Choice My Right to Decide”
CHRISTUS St. Vincent form: “First Step, Advance Directive”
New Mexico Medical Orders For Scope of Treatment (MOST): nmmostform2014
New Mexico Uniform Health Care Decisions Act: NMuniformhealthcareDecicionsAct
New Mexico Advance Directive Form
Oregon Request for Medication Form
Presbyterian Advance Directive Form

Websites and Links:
For an easy-to-use legal advance directive document, click the following link:
Presbyterian Hospital Volunteer Opportunities:
Patient’s Choice Vermont (videos):

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